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Diversify your Crypto portfolio with Cloud mining

Experience the digital gold rush with Crypto Cloud Mining – your ultimate route to seamless cryptocurrency accumulation. Begin with our cloud rigs. They’re a straightforward route to earn, while we manage the complexities like proof of work algorithms, hashrates, blockchains, bitcoin halvenings, mining pools, and ASICs.

Remote mining is an excellent way to dive into BTC mining. With accessible cloud ASICs and cloud GPUs, monitoring is a breeze. Simply watch your crypto portfolio expand. Indeed, crypto mining is the epitome of passive income.

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See your crypto portfolio grow in real time

You don't need pricey hardware. Simply pick your desired Bitcoin miner hashrate and start receiving BTC directly into your crypto wallet. Test the waters with our Free Bitcoin mining contract, demonstrating just how simple it is to generate passive income with our app.

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  • Refer friends, and earn more by mining together
  • Passive Earnings without headaches

No Hidden Fees: Our transparent pricing model ensures you know exactly what you're getting with no nasty surprises.

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Your earnings are always protected in cold storage

Integrated Bitcoin wallet securely stores your earnings until you’re ready to transfer. Whether it's to your personal address, a crypto exchange, or any Bitcoin-compatible destination, the process is straightforward.


Cold storage and secure servers

Earn Together

Refer your friends to increase both of your earnings.


Tens of thousands of miners worldwide on Web, iOS and App available on iOS and Android with numbers growing everyday

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Purchase directly on web, or on your phone through Google Play or App Store

If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.

Warren Buffett

Frequently asked questions

Choose the contract size, purchase it, and the mining is automatically started, and you start earning to your Bitcoin wallet. The technicalities of blockchain, like its public ledger and Proof of Work (POW), might be daunting, and calculating your mining ROI might appear challenging, but that's why our remote miner stands out. Our unified crypto wallet view keeps track of your earnings, providing a consolidated glance at your assets.

Bitcoin mining is like a giant, competitive game of "guess the number" where miners around the world use powerful computers to try and guess a specific number, known as the "hash," that will satisfy a certain condition set by the Bitcoin protocol. In our cloud mining platform you don't have to worry about specifics, just choose your contract, and we handle everything for you.

Start by opening Web, iOS or Android app, sign in, and on the home page you can first try the free mining contract that renews every 8 hours, to see how the platform works. When you are ready, go back to the main screen, choose the size of contract you want to take, and purchase it, and you are ready.

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