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My earnings have disappeared after logging in

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How to get your earnings back

Most likely reason your earnings are gone is because you have either logged in with different account than before.

  • Did you login with right account?

    When reinstalling the application, or after getting a new phone and opening the app for the first time you will prompted to login with either Google Account or Apple ID. Make sure you log in with the same account you used before.
    If you still log in to the wrong account, you can always press the three dots on upper right corner to log out, and then log back in to the account you used before.

  • Did you skip login this time?

    If you reinstalled the application and pressed 'skip' on the login screen and now your account doesn't have the same balance as before, this is because you are now logged in to the application as guest.
    Your best option is now to log out, and if you have not accumulated any balance to the account, just confirm the fact you are not going to have access to this account anymore, and now log in using the same account you used before

  • Did you skip login the last time you were using the app?

    If the first time you started using the app you skipped the login and signed in as guest, and never added login afterwards, you need to contact our supportso we can try to recover your lost account. Please contact from the same email you used with the account before.

  • Did you create another account, and added the login to the new account you had used before?

    If you created a new login, and when prompted added a login to the account, and chose the same method you used to access your old account, and were prompted if you want to attach this login method to the new account and remove it to the old one, and confirmed the fact that you will lose the access, and now can't access the old account, you need to contact our supportso we can try to recover your old account.

If you have any questions or need help, don't hesitate to contact us directly at [email protected]