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Introduction to CloudMineCrypto Cloud Mining Platform

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What is CloudMineCrypto Bitcoin Cloud Mining platform

CloudMineCrypto makes it easy to start earning Bitcoin from your mobile phone, or desktop, and as all the mining is done in the cloud, it doesn't require expensive hardware.

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Starting to earn Bitcoin

Earning Bitcoin in our platform happens through Bitcoin mining, which is done by obtaining a mining contract.

All mining contract options are presented in the first screen of the app.

Mining contracts have different hashrates and durations.

Hashrate determines how quickly your contract will earn Bitcoin, and the duration naturally determines for how long you will be earning Bitcoin at that rate.

You can start mining for free by choosing the free contract. Just tap 'Claim contract', and you will instantly begin the mining.

If you want to speed up the mining, you can watch ads, complete offers within the app or purchase more mining contracts.

To purchase mining contract, you can use the slider on top of the screen to choose the mining power you want to purchase.

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Main screen of CloudMineCrypto presenting Bitcoin Mining contracts available

Monitoring mining earnings

After you have claimed your first Bitcoin mining contract, you will be presented with mining contracts screen.

In the mining contracts screen you can see how much each of your contract has earned.

You can filter and sort your mining contracts by their statuses.

You are also presented with most popular contracts in our platform to choose from.

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Contracts screen of CloudMineCrypto presenting active Bitcoin Mining contracts available

Managing your Bitcoin wallet

You can see your balance, past transactions and make withdraws from the wallet screen.

In the wallet screen you can also change the formatting options.

Tap 'Format' and you can change the app to show your earnings in whichever format you'd like.

Bitcoin, 14 decimals is popular option as it allows high precision, and most of exchanges you will be withdrawing to present Bitcoins in this format.

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Wallet screen of CloudMineCrypto presenting active Bitcoin Mining contracts available

Withdrawing your Bitcoins

Click here to open complete tutorial on withdrawing Bitcoin from our app with videos.

In the withdraw screen you can withdraw your earnings easily.

First and most important option is the withdraw network, which is by default Bitcoin Lightning.

Bitcoin Lighting is your best choice, if its available in the wallet or exchange where you want to withdraw to.

If you don't yet have any Bitcoin wallets or exchanges, our suggestion is to find a wallet or exchange with Bitcoin lightning support.

Bitcoin Lightning has the lowest minimum withdraw and withdraw fees.

To make a withdrawal you need at least as much Bitcoin as is required by the network, and its displayed on the screen as 'Minimum'.

If you use modern Bitcoin Lightning wallet, you can at this point simply tap the 'Tap here to withdraw directly' text, and your wallet will automatically open and prompt you to choose how much you want to withdraw. This is definetely the easiest option if available.

If you are using exchange or older wallet, you might need to use address.

First choose how much you want to withdraw. This amount must be at least the same as minimum, and at maximum the maximum amount presented.

You also need to have this amount in your wallet at the time of withdrawal for it to succeed.

Now you need to retrieve your address from your wallet or exchange. In case of Bitcoin lightning this might be called Lightning Invoice.

If your exchange asks how much you will be depositing, you need to make sure you have this amount available on your wallet, and enter the same amount in the withdraw screen too.

Make sure they are both in the same units, and that's why its a good idea to chooce format option 'Bitcoin, 14 decimals' from the wallet screen, so you can easily choose same amount in exchange and in the app.

Then just copy and paste the address from your wallet or exchange, and choose submit, and you will receive your Bitcoins.

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Withdraw screen of CloudMineCrypto presenting options to withdraw your Bitcoin contracts available

Earning more Bitcoins

Your best option to earn more and faster is to upgrade your contracts, or buy more of them.

You can also invite your friends to earn 10% of their earnings, and give them and yourself a 10% boost on all earnings.

In the earn more screen you can see your own invite code, send invites to your friends or enter your friends invite code for yourself.

There's also offers to download applications to give you boost in earnings and other perks.

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Earn more screen of CloudMineCrypto presenting options to earn more Bitcoin

If you have any questions or need help, don't hesitate to contact us directly at [email protected]