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How to get ads working?
Ads were working on the app for me, and I had almost 10THs hashrate and the ads stopped working all the sudden.

Please help
I had the same problems so here's


1. Close the app / reinstall the app / clear cache / data
Make sure you have logged in to the app with Google / Apple account so you can log back in your account

Sometimes it just bugs after you have watched many ads.. so just restart the app, or even the phone..

BigMama VPN

Best VPN I have found with no ads, only bad thing is it sometimes put the IP on wrong place, so choose any USA location such as New Jersey, Los Angeles, Chicago ETC., wait for it to connect, then check your IP address location with

and make sure it shows USA

If you can't get BigMama working, just search Google Play for any free VPN app
Free VPN by

Just choose 'basic mode with ads', and choose any US location, such as US East

You have to watch ads, but I haven't found any decent free VPN without ads yet, so if you know of one, let me know

3. Reset your Advertising ID

On Android open Settings -> Privacy -> Ads -> Reset Advertising ID

Or Settings -> Google -> Ads -> Reset Advertising ID

This can be on different place depending on your device

Look up video guide in YouTube

If you can't find it, change your device language to English and it will be easier to find

If you still can't find it.. Message here and maybe I can help you if you use my referral code Angel

Open Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Tracking -> toggle "Allow Apps to Request to track" off and on

Guide video

If doesn't work on your iPhone, if you have older or something, just search for more videos until you find one that has your device

Again.. Language english will make this easier to find

If these steps don't work try this, its works 100% of time

Log out from the app, so you are sure you can log back in with Google / Apple account

Delete the app from the device

Download and enable USA VPN

Reset your Advertising ID

Reinstall the app, and enjoy your video ads!

Android guide as video.. ppl requested in private..

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